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Rebrand/Brand Expansion

Callidus Electric is a family owned and operated company that was founded in 2011. From humble beginnings, Callidus has grown to service some of the largest commercial and residential operations in Las Vegas, such as Wal-Mart, Mcdonalds, PETCO, Tilly’s, Walgreens, Lululemon, and the Marriott.


Callidus Companies

Creative Director, Researcher, Designer

Dec 2023 - Feb 2024

Callidus Electric is positioning itself to expand to more markets within the Las Vegas region and needed a brand that is capable of expanding along with them.


Myself, working with CEO of Callidus Electric

Challenge 1

Diverse Service Integration: The expansion from solely electrical services to HVAC and automation represented a significant challenge. The brand needed to expand and evolve to accurately reflect this broadened scope of services without losing its original identity from it's core company, Callidus Electric. Balancing the representation of each service area while maintaining a cohesive brand identity was crucial.

Challenge 2

Market Positioning and Ethical Contracting: Callidus aimed to differentiate itself by emphasizing ethical contracting, integrity, accountability, and a family-like atmosphere. The challenge here was to effectively communicate these values in a competitive market where claims of integrity and ethical practices are common but not always substantiated. The company wanted to ensure that its commitment to these values was not just communicated but also evidenced through its branding and customer experiences, setting it apart from competitors.

Challenge 3

Technology and Innovation: As Callidus expands its services, incorporating innovation and technology, especially in automation and energy-efficient solutions, will be crucial. The brand needed to showcase its forward-thinking approach and capability in leveraging technology to provide advanced solutions. This involved updating the brand's visual identity and messaging to reflect these capabilities. A future second round of the project will involve ensuring that the brand's digital presence, including the website and social media, also highlight these technological advancements and innovations.


In creating the Callidus brand, comprehensive research was pivotal to align the brand's identity with market demands and emerging trends. This research encompassed several key areas:


1. Industry and Market Analysis

I delved into the latest trends in the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and general contracting industries. This included advancements in technology, customer preferences, and emerging services that could influence Callidus' market position and service offerings.


2. Competitor Analysis and Positioning

Understanding what competitors were offering, their market positioning, and their branding strategies was crucial. This helped Callidus identify unique selling points and differentiation strategies, ensuring the brand could stand out in a crowded market. The analysis aimed at finding gaps in competitors' offerings that Callidus could fill, positioning itself as a leader in providing innovative, sustainable solutions.


3. Target Audience Insights

Deep dives into the behavior, preferences, and needs of Callidus' target market informed the branding process. This research was aimed at crafting messages and brand elements that resonate with the intended audiences, ensuring the brand's appeal and relevance.


This multi-faceted research approach provided a solid foundation for developing a brand identity that not only reflects Callidus's values and services but also resonates with current and potential clients, setting the stage for future growth and market leadership.


This research was completed and provided within a document I call the Brand Journey COMPASS which is viewable here: 




Callidus Brand Journey COMPASS by Nomad


Callidus Electric is a growing company that already had a couple of brand identities floating around. They have an older logo and palette that is still utilized in photos on their website and on their vehicle fleet.

They have a newer logo that they had created within the past couple of years, but it hadn't been spread throughout the brand and wouldn't work with the expansion into other services because it was very Electric specific.

With both their residential and large commercial clients in mind, we needed to create a new brand identity that would be professional, noticeable, approachable, and adaptable as the brand expands. They currently have plans for 4 different companies, so we first created a primary identity called Callidus Companies as an umbrella for everything Callidus offers.

The logomark was created to be iconic, striking and modern while also being timeless. The brand identity includes 4 vibrant colors and each represents an individual company under the Callidus umbrella, Electric Green, Air Blue, Innovation Purple, and Cares Red for their philanthropic branch.

The True North for the brand is their Electrical company because that was first for them, and that is honored and represented by the green arrow pointing upward from the primary C logomark. This arrow is a secondary logomark/brand elemement that can be used throughout the brand.


Because all of the Callidus companies have something to do with building, we created a new set of core values that spells out the acronym BUILD.

B - Brilliance: Striving for expert craftsmanship and professional excellence in everything we do. Each job is a testament to our commitment to quality, expertise, and meticulous attention to


U - Understanding: Establishing quality relationships with our customers through active listening

and thoughtful advising, ensuring that we treat every project with the utmost care and


I - Innovation: Utilizing a creative approach to problem-solving while embracing change and

fostering an environment that encourages continuous improvement.

L - Leadership: Leading by example and setting the industry standard in ethical and sustainable

practices. We earn the trust of our community through our commitment to always doing what is


D - Dependability: Being a dependable partner to our clients by ensuring reliability and consistency in every aspect of our work. Our dedication to dependability allows us to harbor a consistent and steadfast commitment to client success.


Finally, we ensured this bold new brand will be noticed by creating vehicle wraps for their fleet of vehicles as well as uniforms and merchandise for their team. The vehicle wraps signify which specific company that specific vehicle is for while also advertising for all of the Callidus companies.

A brand that works for everything

Callidus' new brand identity is expansive and adaptable, vibrant and fresh, and works for all of Callidus' target customers.

Key Features

Honoring the past while moving into the future

The Callidus Companies brand honors how the brand got it's start, as Callidus Electric, through folding in their most core former values and incorporating the green true north arrow. It also expands on those values and pulls together all of the rest of the new Callidus Companies with equally energetic representations.

Vehicle wraps that will be recognizable from every angle

Not only will the entire fleet be up to date with hyper modern branding and be highly visible, but every fleet vehicle driving around town will be a moving billboard for the entire family of Callidus Companies.

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