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Event Management App MVP

Fiestigo will be a party and event management, planning, and attendance platform. Users will be able to host parties or events as well as find events to attend and share about them through a built-in social media aspect. The second phase will include a marketplace with event suppliers and service providers.



Creative Director, Team Manager, UX/UI Designer

March - June 2023

Design an MVP for a blockchain based platform that brings together party hosts and party goers.


I led a small team of a UX Expert and UI Designer. I oversaw and did some of the UX and UI work, it was a great team effort.

Challenge 1

Too many ideas: When I was first approached about this project the company had a ton of ideas about what the app could be and how it could function, and throughout the entire project, they sent more and more ideas. A huge part of the process was organizing, taking control and explaining what would be best to start with and why, and how to build out from there.

Challenge 2

Handling different user types: There are 2 distinct user types that will be using Fiestigo, party planners and party goers. The next phase will include suppliers, which will include professional services for hire, such as professional event planners and catering, as well as general supplies for sale.

Challenge 3

Managing a team and process: This was one of the first times within my company that I hired multiple designers to work with me on a project. The more people you bring in, the more opportunities for challenges in timing and communication, but overall, this project went very smoothly and my team worked exceptionally well together and individually.


The research phase was intensive for the app including multiple rounds of information collection and several outputs. The output included a moodboard, competitive analysis, opportunities, unique value proposition, and user personas.


As we dove into the project, I brought on a UX Designer who specialized in the initial stages of app creation and she got started on compiling and narrowing the App Features, and creating the preliminary framework and information architecture.

This is the point where we discovered we needed to limit the scope of the MVP to two primary users, event hosts and event attendees. Anything beyond that would overcomplicate the MVP and cause extensive timeline extensions.

Next, we created User Flows and got started on initial wireframes.

Once we had a few wireframes approved, I hired another designer to get started on the screen-to-screen UI while I started working on the branding. A very exciting vision of an app that would be fun to use, that would put users in a party mood, started coming to life. We created a style and element library as we made design decisions.

As the MVP came together, we created 4 primary flows, Onboarding, Planning an Event, Using the Marketplace, and Exploring Events including geographical nearby events and chronological video sharing, similar to Instagram Reels, as well as some functional flows such as Connecting your Wallet, Leaving Reviews, Chat, and Settings.

Utilize MVP Prototype

A focused and attractive MVP

At the end of the process, my client had a live prototype that he could use to test his primary ideas and had the right amount of screens to have developed at a minimal cost to his company to prove the viability of the app and seek out investors.

Key Features

A clear and succinct style guide and element library

As we designed, we created reusable components for anything we could and saved those into an organized library to save time on future screen designs and ensure design continuity through our process and future phases of design and development.

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