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Gossip Grill in San Diego is one of less than 20 lesbian-specific bars/nightclubs left in the U.S.

Although they would like to remain lesbian-forward, they also want to be known as a safe, inclusive space for the entire LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Current Visual Identity

Because Gossip Grill is historically a lesbian bar, their identity includes a lot of female or feminine imagery including pink color palettes and pinup illustrations. The brand lacks cohesiveness between the website, menus, merch, and the space itself.

a new direction


Being more inclusive means more people are represented throughout the branding, and everyone feels welcomed and safe in the space.

Logistically, this means keeping the fun, playful, sexual nature of the brand, but removing the female pin-up imagery, expanding and updating the color palettes and overall visuals, and ensuring cohesiveness across all brand elements.



Wide exploration was important during this phase. Initial designs were completed with sophisticated bars and nightclubs, LGBTQIA+ lifestyle, and modernity in mind.


I selected a geometric logo due to it’s precise and clean look as well as modern and engaging feel. An element from the previous (historic) logo was included in the chat bubble as the ear of the g.

The final logo is a crisp “black” or white and will be wrapped in neon on a large sign in front of the establishment.





The bar currently has a very popular neon sign that includes the slogan, “Welcome Home Beautiful,” where patrons take photos. This slogan and neon elements will be expanded throughout the brand.



Part of putting together the new brand was figuring out how to represent it to the public and patrons. This was around the time that things were just starting to open up from the Coronavirus quarantine, so the first round of ad ideas were around that.


Although fun ideas, the previous set of ads didn't  rise to the level of sophistication of the new brand. So, the ads were pushed forward and included other brand elements like neon, while also still playing on the quarantine with the inclusion of a branded mask that would be available for purchase.

web & menu



For the creation of the digital menu, I needed to create icons that could be used on buttons. I went through a couple of black and white geometric sets and experimented with different ways to bring in color.

Final Icons

For previous attempts, I had been creating icons with an icon grid in Illustrator. Then, I learned about a trend called frosted glass and decided that would be the perfect direction to go for this set. The frosted glass is reminiscent of an ice-cold beverage that you can get at the bar. This frosted glass look would ultimately expand into the entire digital menu and other brand elements. The frosted icons were created in Sketch.

digital menu

Early Ideas

Initially, I leaned heavily on the geometric direction and strong black and white presence while bringing in some color. As other elements of the brand came together, they also made their way into the digital menu design.

Menu Refinement

As other elements of the brand came together, they also made their way into the digital menu design. This included the updated icons, and the inclusion of the frosted glass look on a wider scale, as well as neon elements. It was also more user-friendly in the paring back of small text and inclusion of buttons to add menu items to your order.

Video Prototype


The website was meant to be clean and minimal, only including the things that were necessary like viewing the menu, shopping for merch, finding upcoming events, and a way for loyal customers to get exclusive discounts and event invites through the Gossip Club.

The website was the last item to be created, so all of the brand elements had been solidified and were included in the first draft. This was one of those times that the first idea is the best idea, and it just expanded until it was "perfect."

Live Prototype