creative states

Documentary Short

all illustrations and GIFs in project & on site created by Tryn


Storytelling is a part of human existence and also an important component of design. In a wide-reaching internship with Young & Hungry, I paired with a very talented illustrator to create a beautiful story about creativity in every day life and giving back to your community. The short is a part of an upcoming series called Creative States of America.

Initial Ideas

We went through a few rounds of ideas, the first was featuring a woman-owned lingerie shop in San Francisco but we couldn’t get our schedules to connect on a short timeline. The next was an exposè on the inner workings of Residential Assistants (RAs) in college. Finally, we decided to feature two great friends of mine who work at the LA LGBT Center.

learning as we go


Neither Tryn nor I had ever made a documentary short, so we started with some vague ideas of possible story lines and questions to ask. We realized as we were planning that the questions shouldn’t be leading, and with a piece like this, it should flow where it flows.

With that, I hopped in the car with my list of questions and drove the 2.5 hours to LA to be shown around the LGBT Center and learn all about my friends’ daily lives.